Famous Examples Of 3D Animation

When it comes to 3D animation, it’s well known that seeing is believing. There have been some pretty famous examples of 3D animation done right over the years, and it’s clear that animation a decade ago was still very impressive visually. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the best examples for 3D animations. These are going to be films that you should know about, but do drive home the prowess of 3D animation.

Toy Story

The famous franchise about taking and living toys is a 3D one. Toy Story is about Buzz Lightyear and Woody The Cowboy, toys who live in the time of Andy, a young boy. When he leaves the room, they come to life! The entire thing was made using 3D animation, and that’s why everything looks so vibrant and impressive. Even for a film that’s at least a decade old, it still looks pretty good today

Resident Evil: Damnation

It’s not just happy and bright things that can be made with 3D technology of course. The Resident Evil franchise is many things, but warm and fluffy it is not. It’s dark, gritty and filled with blood, gore and monsters. This film was an animated venture which kept the spirit of the games very well, and served as a really nice way to expand upon the story of Leon S Kennedy, and also the entire RE Universe at the same time. And it was animated using 3D animations, allowing for some truly horrifying locales and vicious creatures.

The Bee Movie

Something that’s recently come back into the world as an internet meme, there’s no denying that The Bee Movie was a visually impressive cinematic feature at its time of release. It tried to do something that wasn’t easy – capture the world from the perspective of a bee. This meant that everything had to be changed and altered, and everyday items animated in an entirely new way. And this was done with 3D animation, which as it turns out was a very wise move.


DreamWorks, anyone? This giant of a company made the film that everyone knows and loves, Shrek. What was interesting about this is that the world the characters inhabited was so vibrant, and so full of different kinds of life. Animating then all would have been a very difficult task if it were not for the use of 3D animation, and that just serves as further proof of how 3D has progressed.

Overall, these are some of the most famous 3D animations. They’re on this list because they showcase a whole host of different themes, settings and characters. To the hauntingly sinister to the clownish and laughable, this really helps to showcase the capability of 3D. It’s clear that it’s come up on in recent years, with some really impressive projects having been made and released in recent years. Some of these films are quite old, and yet still look great and feel immersive, which really speaks volumes about 3D animation studios in Lebanon and its capability.